Monday, January 14, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell, 2012)

Late as usual, but I finally got around to seeing this and I'm now completely in love with this movie. I'm not doing any jump breaks here, because this film has to be seen without any prior knowledge of its plot. While the plot is fantastic (no, seriously, it keeps rolling for 2 whole hours), the performances by the actors are so earnest that the movie material takes a wonderfully different turn than it would have had it been handled by different actors. You can tell that the cast has amazing chemistry. Some of the best performances I've seen committed to celluloid, at the same time comical, touching and real. The dialogue is brilliant and never dies during the film's run time. The ending fit the story and felt authentic, not just a lame ploy to please the viewers or settle for mediocrity. I loved all of the characters: Cooper's, Lawrence's, De Niro's, Weaver's, Tucker's, Stiles', Kher's, Whigham's, Ortiz's, Herman's, Mihok's, and Principal Lady Harrassed By Cooper On The School Steps'. I went into this film knowing very little and I am now leaving wanting to know even more about those wonderful characters and this beautiful world created by Russell. It's a bit The Royal Tenenbaums, but with less neuroses and more centered in its approach (I still love the Tenenbaums to pieces, it's just those two films are like two sides of the same coin). Come time for me to update my movie list in 3 or so months, I can definitely assure you that Silver Linings Playbook will have a place on it. Ugh, I love this film! So uplifting.

Ludovico Rating:

5/5! I would watch this right now if I did not have classes tomorrow.

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