Friday, January 18, 2013

My Favorite Movies: Top Ten

   And this concludes my list of my favorite movies of all time. Leave your thoughts as to which films you're shocked made the cut or did not make the cut. For one, I'll say right now that I need to rewatch Goodfellas because I did love it, but not as much as any of the top 100 films. This may be because I watched it seven years ago; in the case of Goodfellas and a slew of other films, perhaps a revisit will make me appreciate them more. But, I really do love each and every film in my top 100 (101 really because both Kill Bill volumes tied, but whatevs, right?). Even after some films are taken out in a future update, it in no way signifies that my appreciation for those films went down. Au contraire, I'm going to create a Hall Of Fame where movies that are taken out of the top 100 are retired into the Hall Of Fame. Anyhow, let's reveal my top 10!

10. The White Ribbon (Michael Haneke, 2009)
I was left mouth agape after seeing this film. I told y'all I was a sucker for movies where I am taken on a journey with a bunch of fascinating characters. And what an eerie and suspenseful journey. More than that, the story is one of the best ever and the cinematography makes this film truly other-worldly. One of the best shot films of all time. Strong performances all around as well. The kids are the creepiest in the story of cinema. This film poses so many questions that you're left pondering over years after.

9. The Double Life Of Veronique (Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1991)
Tied with Wild Strawberries and an upcoming film as the best shot film of all time. This film is all about the mood. Irene Jacob is simply gorgeous in her role. This is no doubt my favorite Krzysztof Kieslowski thus far. This film is dreamy.

8. Last Year At Marienbad (Alain Resnais, 1961)
This is the most stylish film of all time. It's so elegant. The soundtrack creates a truly macabre mood. While the film before it was like a dream, this one is akin to a nightmare, albeit a really stylish one.

7. 8 1/2 (Federico Fellini, 1963)
A really interesting piece of cinema. This film feels extremely personal, which it indeed is. It features the usual, carnival-esque troupe of Fellini characters and some really hilarious and fascinating dream logic.

6. Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941)
Is this the best film of all time? To me, it's up there, can't you tell? The cast produces some truly mind-blowing performances, my favorites being Orson himself and the unsung Dorothy Comingore. It is tied with Wild Strawberries and The Double Life Of Veronique as the best shot film of all times. A true masterpiece and one of cinema's treasures as it's often been proclaimed to be. Deserving of all the praise.

5. Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)
Runner-up for best shot film of all time. Really, it's gorgeous and matches the jubilant mood of the film. I fell in love with every character and the meet-cute plot. Amelie is my favorite film character of all times.

4. Cries And Whispers (Ingmar Bergman, 1972)
Beautifully shot, this film is Bergman's best and most affecting. Ingrid Thulin, Liv Ullmann, and Harriet Andersson create the most solid leading group of all time. I was in tears at the end of the film. It's so sad and so affecting. Ugh, Bergman.

3. Sunset Boulevard (Billy Wilder, 1950)
Wilder's best. This film is perfect. Everybody nails their roles, even the bit players like Hedda Hopper. It contains humor, mystery, drama, romance, satire and crime. And it all works perfectly, against some glorious shots. See above. What more can you ask for in a film?

2. La Dolce Vita (Federico Fellini, 1960)
What'd I tell you? I love movies where I am taken on a journey with a wide range of characters. It takes me away from the real world and involves me in the world that the film occupies; making me live these characters' lives, adventurous yet sad as they may be in La Dolce Vita. This is the film that made me fall in love with foreign cinema. Along with Some Like It Hot, it is my most watched movie on the list.

And my favorite movie of all time is:

1. Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001)
Sorry Diane, we do stop here. My favorite movie of all time from my favorite director with my favorite living actress (Naomi Watts). That this film has remained my number one after four years is impressive coming from somebody who used to change his favorite movie almost daily. This is the most perfectly enigmatic, the saddest, and the best film of all time. How Naomi didn't win an Oscar for her role, or wasn't even nominated for that matter is an enigma as engrossing as the film itself. The soundtrack is one of the best of all time and the twist(s) does/do not feel tacked on. This is the film that made me fall in love with cinema and all that it could offer. Before that I settled for crappy rom-coms or cheap comedies since that is what I grew up with. Yet, I knew that there had to be better things out there, so I began googling "best films of all time". After a few months of reading all the praise directed towards Mulholland Drive, I decided to check it out and the rest is history. I love, love, love this film. It's remained planted as my favorite for so long and won't be leaving soon. Deep down, I'm hoping that it is never topped. That's how attached I am to it. Lynch is a genius.


  1. Congratulations on a great list, well done! I'm embarrassed to say that I have only seen one of your top ten, Amelie, but your list has inspired me to make more of an effort to watch older and more alternative films!

    1. I'm glad you're willing to go watch some of the movies on this list. I hope the experience is a great one for you.

  2. That's one hell of a strong Top 10. Cries and Whispers is in my Top 10 of all time as well, but I love every other film you listed. Solid!

    1. Cries And Whispers is Bergman's best (so far). And that's a feat considering how strong his filmography is (Winter Light and The Seventh Seal just missed out on my top 100).