Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Movies: #80-76


80. Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942)
One of the most beautifully-shot and well-acted films out there. Definitely deserving of all the praise it gets. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains in one film! Paul Henreid is his usual stiff and cold character; thankfully, the formerly named three actors give such earnest performances, along with every other character, that Henreid's misstep is not fatal to the film.

79. The Silence Of The Lambs (Jonathan Demme, 1991)
I didn't see this film until last year. I had to listen to people recommending it for years. I was reticent because I believed the subject matter would look tame by today's standards. Boy, was I wrong. This is genuinely one of the most disturbing films ever, with some truly fine and unnerving performances.

78. Tootsie (Sydney Pollack, 1982)
It's really sad that before seeing this film, I only knew Dustin Hoffman from that awful Fockers film series. The man is indeed a fantastic actor. This film is laugh-out-loud hilarious and every single character brings the lol. It's also a chance to see Jessica Lange at her tamest and gentlest. 

77. Drive (Nicolas Refn, 2011)
One of the saddest films that I've ever seen. The restraint that the actors showcase tugs at the heart and, when circumstances get the best of a blooming relationship, one cannot help but feel extreme disappointment/anger/emotions ok?. Ryan Gosling nailed his role, as does Carey Mulligan. The soundtrack to this film is one of the best around, the cinematography is gorgeous and some scenes come as major shocks. Yet, I'm not sure if I'd want a sequel. I wouldn't change a thing about this film, not even the heartbreaking conclusion.

76. I Vitelloni (Federico Fellini, 1953)
One of Fellini's earliest films and one of his best. Truthfully, I hated one of the major characters (the slimy husband), and how his story concluded. The film is about five guys and the growing up that they have to do, yet a major portion of the film, I feel, is wasted on that slimy character. This places less focus on the other four guys who are more well-rounded and possess more compelling stories.But, the film is still solid, funny, sad, comical, desolate and an amazing journey through the lives of these guys. Had Fellini given less screen time to that character, this film would have been much higher on the list.

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