Friday, December 28, 2012

Off To A Rough Start

  Who knew that checking the boxes next to your posts and then pressing delete would actually delete your posts? My friend Iza obviously didn't. So, now I lost my very first post about Project X and the second about 10 movies where characters don't exist. But, to be honest, I wasn't even mad at Iza, not even when he muttered and stuttered through an explanation (something about a practical joke). It gave me food for thought on how to re-start this blog after just a few days of existence. I realize that I tried to take myself too seriously with my first two posts, perhaps trying to emulate Alex over at And So It Begins... and Tyler from Southern Vision, my two favorite movie bloggers (Tyler needs to come back more regularly ASAP, just an fyi. He's the one who got me doped up on this movie blog business in the first place). Point is, it is best to be yourself.