Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Vacation

Le me crossing a river on a fallen tree trunk. I had to do it twice because I turned back around the first time...halfway through. Shit was scary.
 I went on an impromptu vacay! Camping and mountain hiking in North Carolina with my school's Outdoors Program. I currently have no Internet access and am using one of the staff's computer (this is what puppy eyes'll get ya). I should be back by Sunday so to make it up to Marilyn, I officially declare July 1-August 5 "My Month With Marilyn". Something's Got To Give review should be up by Monday. Apologies for the delay.


  1. Have a great vacation. I hope your bring me back something cool.

    1. Well, we found a pink, striped bong nestled into a tree. It's yours for the taking!