Friday, May 31, 2013

My 151 Favorite Films

...because 150 sounds like a way bigger number in my head than 151 and 100 films is simply not enough. These are my favorite films ever! Some films on this list are those I consider the best that cinema has had to offer and some are simply guilty pleasures. And to follow the Criterion way, I've written down three reasons why I love each of these films.
  We've made it halfway through the year so I figured it was high time I updated my list. Head here to view the list.

  Here's an interesting tidbit about my list.

My favorite directors according to the list are:

1) Billy Wilder | Total: 7 films | Highest Ranked: Sunset Boulevard

2) Ingmar Bergman | Total: 6 films | Highest Ranked: Cries And Whispers

3) David Lynch | Total: 5 films | Highest Ranked: Mulholland Drive

3) Federico Fellini | Total: 5 films | Highest Ranked: La Dolce Vita

3) Quentin Tarantino | Total: 5 films | Highest Ranked: Pulp Fiction

3) The Coen Brothers | Total: 5 films | Highest Ranked: No Country For Old Men

3) Alfred Hitchcock | Total: 5 films | Highest Ranked: Rear Window

8) Stanley Kubrick | Total: 4 films | Highest Ranked: A Clockwork Orange

9) Sofia Coppola | Total: 3 films | Highest Ranked: Marie Antoinette

9) Howard Hawks | Total: 3 films | Highest Ranked: Bringing Up Baby

9) Orson Welles | Total: 3 films | Highest Ranked: Citizen Kane

9) Krzysztof Kieslowski | Total: 3 films | Highest Ranked: The Double Life Of 

9) Richard Linklater | Total: 3 films | Highest Ranked: Before Sunrise

  I'd say the list is pretty accurate, although I do love the following directors who each have 2 titles on my list: Alain Resnais, Pedro Almodovar, Darren Aronofsky, Luis Bunuel, David Fincher, Michael Haneke, Elia Kazan, and Lars von Trier.


  1. It is interesting to see these ten directors together. Quite an assortment. I wouldn't necessarily think that Sofia would be in the same vicinity as Alfred, but it just shows that you never know until you look at the details.

    1. I also found it pretty interesting. Especially since Howard Hawks sneaked up on the list. I didn't realize how many of his movies I actually enjoyed.